What We Do

While every commercial development is uniquely different, many aspects remain the same from project to project. Take a look at some of the aspects of pre-development, development, and post-development for all of our projects.

Pre-Development Phase

This phase of every project is sometimes referred to as the master planning process. During pre-development, we consider factors such as site selection, site feasibility, site analysis, building locations, demographics, circulation patterns, and utility requirements. Additionally, MARCEL believes that any successful project should anticipate growth around the development. Finally, master planning depends on a proven network of strategic partners and investors who will join us in fully embracing a new vision.

Development Phase

MARCEL works with professional architectural design firms that specialize in developing facilities to achieve the client’s objectives while remaining aware of the changing needs of the marketplace. We understand the dynamics at play between a development’s functionality, its occupants, and their needs. We also work with our architectural partners to maximize the vibrancy of a new development. We believe this is best achieved when the design seamlessly blends newly created spaces with their natural surroundings, delivering a harmonious, organic feel.
We follow up the design effort with solid engineering, which is the foundation of a building’s long-term functionality. When properly engineered, buildings don’t just exist, they work well. MARCEL partners with professional engineering firms to determine the functional design needs of each project. Our engineering partners offer critical expertise in civil, environmental, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering services. They provide designs that accommodate security systems, surveillance systems, communication systems, sound systems, high speed data networks, and fire detection systems. By embracing the concept of “value engineering”, we dedicate our engineering efforts to doing it right…once, which results in quality developments that stand the test of time.
The development phase ends with the actual construction of the new property. Our experience, earned over many years and through countless lessons learned, has led to the establishment of a corporate culture that recognizes and values quality work, accurate estimates, and reliable timelines. Our construction crews and foremen focus on safety, respect, efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We are proud to have crew members and leaders that have been with us since the beginning. Honesty, integrity, efficiency, and reliability are the cornerstones of our work ethic and the trademarks of every construction project we undertake.

Post-Development Phase

During post-development, our focus shifts from creating to nurturing our new project. The property management role includes prospecting potential leases by determining viable business opportunities. Upon identifying prospective tenants, MARCEL builds and maintains necessary relationships that ultimately result in tenant satisfaction. Other property management responsibilities include common area maintenance, collections, and lease negotiations.
Over time, we have perfected the art of identifying the perfect site that reflects the needs of the client, as well as the surrounding community. Existing relationships allow us to work with local brokers and ensure that the needs of our tenants are not only met, but surpassed through excellent leasing and tenant services.
Finally, in post-development, we continue the work of telling our story to the surrounding community through marketing and advertising efforts. In this way, we promote the success of our tenants, our partners, and our next development.
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